Daniel O'Neill

Software Developer



C C++ (17)
Perl Node.js
Lua Rust
Qt Widgets (C++) Qt Quick (QML)
IPv4/IPv6 (ANSI) Windows
Bash Linux
C# (Mono) Android


Professionally, I've worked primarily on business and instrumentation software for the last 12 years in
support of my own businesses.

In the last 15 years, I've operated 4 separate businesses:

  • Foxmoxie Networks - Network appliances (originated 2006-2007)
  • River Road Cable - Consumer cablesystem (purchased 2008)
  • Winks - Retail gas/convenience store (originated 2012-present)
  • Aki Electronics - Computer and electronics sales/repair (originated 2016-2019)


While detailed context for each project can be found on the appropriate portfolio sections, I'd like to
feature a few substantial campaign projects in chronological order:

Strata - Bi-directional NAT-PT translator intended for semi-professional deployment, designed
and deployed on consumer grade routers based on OpenWRT and using Linux and TUN/TAP.
RRCBS - Comprehensive cablesystem management system including work orders, customer support,
infrastructure maintenance, billing, and support for analogue, digital, and Internet service.
Flintlock POS - A retail point-of-sale for fuel stations/convenience stores, small grocery, restaurant,
and general commodity sales. Support for extensive hardware and business features, a look
at the portfolio section for this is recommended.
KulaShaker - Core of intelligent operation of commercial product cooling system, featuring
network connectivity with web-enabled system configuration and realtime monitoring.
Serve - General Javascript service used in various capacities ranging from interfacing with
petroleum forecourt equipment to enabling dumb USB hardware interfaces over a network.

In addition to these larger projects, many smaller utilities were developed to facilitate the needs
of the business, and often to streamline or entirely automate intensive operations of business.

Programming is a passion, rather than a paycheque for me. To that end, I've spend many Saturdays
developing recreational software such as Solitaire, TwitchOverlay, alsalist, and Fantim.

Some projects I've developed are certainly useful in a production capacity, but live within the realm
of a personal hobby for me, such as EpsolarServer, nodemail, Ziply, and TShield.

I appreciate your time in reviewing my portfolio, as I'm proud of my accomplishments. Please don't hesitate
to contact me if you wish to review any code which isn't publically published.

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