A Klondike solitaire game for Android and Ubuntu Touch.

This game was developed exclusively in QML and Javascript. The game itself has only a couple options to modify gameplay as it was developed primarily to fill the author's addiction to Klondike and as such is fairly tailored to his requirements.

It supports card animations in simulated 3D, sound effects, autocompletion (once all cards on tableau are uncovered), and changing the background image.

/projects/solitaire.foxmoxie-screenshot-89326d18-9690-461f-a390-7894623d5855.png /projects/solitaire.foxmoxie-screenshot-956defdc-369b-444a-a46f-3f9b42cc6540.png

Try it yourself in this simulation provided via Qt/WASM and wrapped in a Fauxn:

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Design based on Falkon design, which is in turn based on the Swift theme for Jekyll.

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