Serve / JSPP
This module provides a Javascript Pre-processor implementation for use in web applications.

This is very much only a proof-of-concept and will most definitely be rewritten entirely.


var JSPP = Serve.module('JSPreProcessor/libJSPP');

// Although designed for use with HTML templates, any template
// where <? and ?> won't exist will also work.
var template = `<html>
<title>Hello, <? this.INT__SEND(params['name']); ?></title>
This is just a message from <? this.INT__SEND( myName() ); ?>.

// A mapped object can be passed to a template object:
var params = { 'name':'Joe' };

// Functions from the global object can also be called from within a template:
function myName() {
        return 'JSPP';

// This converts the template into eval-able code:
var code = JSPP.process(template);

// This runs the resulting code, returning the generated object for us to use:
var obj = Serve.eval(code);

// Finally, we can operate on the resulting object:
var output = obj.process( params );

// And clean up the object:
JSPP.destroyObject( obj );




<title>Hello, Joe</title>
This is just a message from JSPP.


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