Serve / HTTPServer
This module provides HTTP server functionality to Serve.

An HTTPServer implementation in Serve will typically consist of:

  • HTTPServer - The plugin instance
  • HTTPInstance - A server instance
  • HTTPRequest - The object containing an inbound request
  • HTTPResponse - An object to manipulate the response to a request

Closing the connections in the handler isn't necessary, as this will happen automatically either due to the request itself requesting to close after a single request or the connection times out.

This interface is fairly fast, but for high-performance serving of binary files, it is recommended not to utilise a Javascript handler.


const HTTP = Serve.module('HTTPServer/libHTTPServer'); var http = HTTP.create(); http.setAddress('::'); // Listen on all network interfaces on IPv6 and IPv4 http.setPort(8080); http.setHandler( function(req, res) { // 'req' is the HTTPRequest object // 'res' is the HTTPResponse object Serve.print("Incoming request for "+req.uri()); // Additionally, custom headers can be specified using res.setHeader(name, value); res.setStatus(200); res.setContentType('text/plain'); res.setBody('Hello, world.'); // Actual transmission to the client happens here: res.send(); }); http.listen();





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