Hi. I'm Daniel.

Thank you for visiting my ugly website!

My name is Daniel and I'm a Canadian programmer. My primary focuses have been on backend and framework development throughout my career, but I'm also experienced with desktop application development, mobile app development, and industrial development (MODBUS, IOT, MCU).

I can do HTML/CSS, but... well, as you can see, neither of us want that.

Extensive examples of my work can be found on the Portfolio section of this site.

For samples of my Qt Quick work, check out my spuriously updated storybook of QML components.

For example, this website is hosted on my WebService framework, developed using Serve and a few modules:

Documentation for various projects I've developed is also included for the more technically inclined. In some cases, such as for small utilities, I only provide documentation on usage. For frameworks and libraries I've tried to provide detailed documentation on the API itself, as well as example usage for more complicated implementations.

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